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How should the downloads be used? They seem to have similar but not identical code, and it doesn't look like the contain the entirety of the code for this map generator.

Hello Bessel, I just realized that the final version was not available for download. I just removed the older version and made the final version downloadable. It is a web page and it requires the files to be hosted to work.

This is amazing :o

Thank you very much :)

Is it allowed to use map results in a publication? And would you take commission to create a similar program for a different game?

You can use the map in a publication. If you can mention that it is made with the Vaarnish Cartographer by Bertholet somewhere I'd greatly appreciate it.

You can reach me at if you want to discuss about commission :)

Thanks again.

Hey this is cool! I look forward to seeing what it turns into since it'll be useful for my troika sessions