Mac/PC bug fixes (hopefully) + refocus

This is a weird patch. 

First of all, we removed the second area. While this might seem wierd, this is in order to refocus the game on it's generative narrative structure in the long run. This might come back in a different form later, but in order to focus on the narrative and not upgrade mecanics, we're currently taking this out.

We noticed Love2d had trouble win certain recent updates under win10, we upgraded the Love2d engine to fix this.
Mac OSX also had some issue, but I can't test those unfortunatly.

Files 85 MB
Version 6 Sep 16, 2019 88 MB
Version 6 Sep 16, 2019
summoning-signals-2.2_all.deb 80 MB
Version 3 Sep 16, 2019

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