V04 - Trails

Hello everyone. 

After an intense week of work, I'm happy to report that the game has progressed tremendously!
Here's a changelog of what happpend since the ALPHADISC release.


  • First 4ish quest fully implemented. They might need some text/difficulty tweaks, but the content is there.
  • 7 areas our of 15ish are completed.
  • Implemented a simple but scalable repair mechanic.
  • Audio is back in the game (but sparse at the time)
  • OH! Support for the VMU screen is there. We already have some idea for VMU-based interaction.
  • VMU save/load works, but the data management still need to be worked on.
  • Lot of quality of life update, tooltips, etc.
  • Dreamcast engine speedup thanks to Moopthehedgehog, Mrneo, Kazade, Protofall and freakdave.

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